Social media

AniCura has a positive attitude towards social media as they provide us with the opportunity to interact with customers and pet owners. All of our communications are characterized by respect and we would like everyone who visits us on digital and social media to have a pleasant, interesting and relevant experience.

Social Media Presence

AniCura is highly active on social media. Our presence is mainly locally driven and conducted by members of staff at our animal hospitals and clinics. There are also, in most cases, country specific presence on e.g. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. In addition, we have a common AniCura Group Instagram account.

Social Media Policy

AniCura's policy extends confidentiality to every customer. This means that patient cases are never discussed or referred to on social media without consent. Pictures of patients or pet owners may not be posted or published without the pet owner's permission.

We ask people who post on our Facebooks pages to not to disclose personal data. If you do disclose personal data, we may remove your post for your own security. We reserve the right to remove posts and comments with commercial content. We will also remove posts that lack relevance to the subject matter.

AniCura will not accept posts or comments in breach of the law or which have racist, sexual or violent content or contain derogatory opinions about gender, race, religion or sexuality. Profanity, uncouth language or attacks against individuals will not be accepted. Posts that contain personal attacks and/or information covered by patient confidentiality may be removed and/or reported out of respect for patients, pet owners and employees alike. We are required by law to remove posts that contain insulting personal information.

If you need help with a specific case, we ask that you contact the animal hospital or clinic the case concerns.

We are eager for our customers to feel safe and secure with us and we appreciate direct dialogues with them.