Group wide development team

In addition to the veterinary professionals who work at AniCura’s animal hospitals and clinics throughout Europe and our veterinary councils and interest groups, there is also a group-wide team working with quality and development.

Anneli Bjöersdorff, Licensed Veterinarian, VMD, is our Group Education Manager, which includes special responsibility for running and developing AniCura’s range of training courses under ACE – AniCura Continuing Education. Anneli also works with QualiCura, where she pays special attention to predictive medicine, knowledge sharing, best practices and supplementary training matters. She also supports AniCura's clinics in quality and development within laboratory diagnostics.

Ulrika Grönlund, Licensed Veterinarian, VMD, associate professor, works as a Group Medical Quality Manager at AniCura. Ulrika is highly involved in AniCura’s group-wide quality development program, QualiCura, and she has a particular focus on issues related to infection control, antibiotics usage and nosocomial infections. Issues concerning infection control affect a large proportion of our employees, and are crucial for achieving high patient safety.

Kim Middeldorf, Licensed Veterinarian, works as Operations & Quality Manager and supports AniCura’s group-wide development initiatives in veterinary medicine and quality, with a special focus on quality control, pharmaceutical management, and business development.