Most courses are open for any professional within veterinary care, and not only AniCura employees. Our courses are available in multiple countries across Europe.

Course Location Date  
Instrument care and aseptic technique AniCura Dyresykehus Oslo 2/22/2018 Register
Cardiology Day 2018 AniCura Dyresykehus 3/8/2018 Register
Basic course ultrasound AniCura Kleintierspezialisten Ravensburg 3/10/2018 Register
Basic Surgery - Odense AniCura Odense Dyrehospital 3/16/2018 Register
Clinical cytology and haematology AniCura Københavns Dyrehospital 3/22/2018 Register
Strahlenschutzkurse für TFA und TÄ AniCura Kleintierzentrum Heilbronn 4/5/2018 Register
Teoretisk og praktisk røntgenkurs - Trondheim VetScan Trondheim 4/11/2018 Register
Anaesthesiology Quality Airport Hotel Dan 4/14/2018 Register
Teoretisk og praktisk røntgenkurs - Bergen AniCura Dyresykehuset Bergen Nord 4/18/2018 Register
Clinical Laboratory Scandic Gardermoen Hotel 4/20/2018 Register
Teoretisk og praktisk røntgenkurs - Jeløy AniCura Jeløy Dyreklinikk 4/25/2018 Register
Teoretisk og praktisk røntgenkurs - Tromsø AniCura Dyresykehuset Tromsø 5/2/2018 Register
Teoretisk og praktisk røntgenkurs - Kristiansand AniCura Dyreklinikk Sørlandet 5/9/2018 Register
Abdominal and Thoracic Radiology Van der Valk Hotel De Bilt 5/25/2018 Register
Advanced Anaesthesiology Scandic Linköping City 5/25/2018 Register
Clinical ultrasonography - Bergen AniCura Dyresykehus Bergen Nord 8/19/2018 Register
Clinical Ultrasonography - Stavanger AniCura Dyresykehus Stavanger 8/21/2018 Register
Clinical Ultrasonography 2-Day Oslo 8/24/2018 Register
Clinical Ultrasonography AniCura Dyresykehuset Tromsø 8/31/2018 Register
Infection control in the clinic - Vallensbaek Denmark 9/13/2018 Register
Odontology I IM3 Dental 9/18/2018 Register
Odontology IV IM3 Dental 9/20/2018 Register
Anaesthesiology Basic and Advanced AST Farma Building 9/26/2018 Register
Infection control in the clinic - Aarhus 10/10/2018 Register
Diagnostic Dermatology Hotel Tylösand 10/11/2018 Register
Internal medicine with focus on diagnostics Elite Stora Hotellet Jönköping 10/11/2018 Register
Urethrocystoscopy IM3 10/23/2018 Register
Feline Medicine Congress Van der Valk Hotel Schiphol 11/3/2018 Register
Anaesthesiology Elite Plaza Hotel 11/11/2018
CT - Protocols and Clinical use GE 12/6/2018 Register
Locoregional Anaesthesia IM3 Dental 12/11/2018 Register
Starts: 0:00 Ends: 0:00 Location: Big Building Address: 123 The Street, Sometown, PA
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